Tryggvi Larum

Distinguished Member of the Regiment

Order of Saint Maurice

Order of Geronimo

Active Duty, Retired, Civilian: Separated

Retirement Date / ETS Date: 10 January 1978

Proposed presentation date / event: May 14, 2016, 509th PIA Reunion

Duty positions held within the 509TH Infantry (ABN) and 509TH PIA to include dates. 509th Parachute Infantry Association Vice President, 2012-2014; 509th PIA Special Projects, 2014-Present

Military / Civilian Education: Infantry AIT, Basic Airborne Course.

Awards / Decorations: Basic Airborne wings; British Airborne wings; French Commando School badge; National Defense Service Medal; Civis Order of St. Maurice #00603, Distinguished Member of the Regiment 2017.

Narrative on the 509TH PIA member who has distinguished themselves by outstanding service which has brought credit upon themselves, the association, and 509TH Infantry (ABN).

Tryggvi became a dues paying member of the 509th Parachute Infantry Association in 2007 and has since attended every 509th reunion from that year through 2014. In 2012 and 2013 he was elected for consecutive terms as the Vice President of the 509th PIA. In 2010 Tryggvi was selected as the 509th PIA Man of the Year and was recognized as such at the Atlanta All Airborne Awards Festival that year. Today he remains a part of the PIA's leadership board still with the title of 509th PIA Special Projects group member.

For years now Tryggvi is also been a trusted co-administrator of the 509th PIA's official Facebook page, which currently has over 3,000 generational 509th veterans and family members, he monitors the page daily to prescreen and sign in new members and insure it's a safe and honored place for its 509th units veterans.

As a representative of the PIA, and by invitation of the command of the two active 509th Battalions, Tryggvi attended the second deployment ceremony to Afghanistan of the 3-509th ABN INF BN at Ft Richardson AK, and made a second trip to their unit ball and in 2014 a third trip as their invited special guest speaker for their 3/509th BN's formal ball. Tryggvi has also made a separate personal trip by the 1st BN's invitation to a change of command ceremony of the 1/509th ABN INF at Ft Polk LA, and at the bequest of this 509th PIA.

For the 70th Anniversary Southern Frances celebration of Operation Dragoon, the 1944 allied invasion of Southern France that the World War II 509th Parachute Infantry Battalion took part in, Tryggvi travelled as a formal representative of the 509th PIA to its multiple formal remembrances gatherings. While there Tryggvi laid a wreath before the memorial marker of 509th PIB fallen Paratroopers, with the French mayor of the city of St Tropez, representatives of the active U.S. Army and with members of French press in attendance. Tryggvi later performed a separate ceremony to honor 509th fallen at the Rhone American Military Cemetery at Draguignan where he also met with WWII veteran members of the 551st ABN, who, like the 509th, were also part of the original Operation Dragoon's Airborne phase titled Rugby.

As an internationally recognized wood sculptor/artisan and the sole appointed chief art designer of the 509th PIA's many logos, awards and memorabilia items, all done solely by donation by him to the PIA, Tryggvi designed the formal logo adopted and in use today by the PIA. In addition he designed 509th PIA printed fabric designs and two separate unit commemorative 509th unit era challenge coins and one stand-alone 509th ASSN coin, all are sold yearly by the PIA to raise funds for its treasury. He also designed a coin for the 75th Anniversary of the 509th in 2016.

To insure an ongoing additional income flow for the PIA's essential treasury between PIA reunions Tryggvi envisioned, contracted and facilitated through a private printing contractor to establish the very first online 509th PIA Store of printed unit image items for 509th veterans to celebrate their units service on hats, mugs and fabrics with a percentage of all sales going directly to the PIA's treasury. Tryggvi took it upon his own initiative to envision and fabricate two large personalized, hand carved unit wall friezes, modeled after master jump wings to present to both the 1st and 3rd BN's of the 509th separately. The carvings required seven weeks per sculpture to complete, purely as a donation from himself on behalf of the PIA to these units that now proudly grace their headquarters halls.

Most recently, Tryggvi designed the very first unit eternal order medallion for the 509th PIA, representing the organization’s highest award and titled the Order of Geronimo for issuance, following nomination approval, to both 509th veterans and currently active duty 509th unit BN members. In May of 2016, Tryggvi received the very first Order of Geronimo, medallion #001.

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